Tuesday 4 February 2014

Seleucid 1st Corps phalanx and cataphracts

As the title says this is half of my Seleucid phalanx, I decided to to with a simple gold for metal parts, white for linothorax and grey for clothing. When I get around to doing the second part of the phalanx I will probably add more variety to colour schemes of the trousers. One of the feathers on the commander figure broke off and I couldn't find it so I had replace it with green-stuff and it actually looks ok (*pats himself on the back*)! 

Seleucid phalanx 16/32 (S)

And those are the colour scheme tests for my cataphracts, they are nice and quick to paint up- mostly just metallic dry-brushing as they are so heavily clad in armor. I decided to go with red as the main color tying them together, the red spears/kontos give them that more elite look.

And all together now!


  1. very nice - lovely brushwork.

  2. Lovely painting! I really like the 1st Corps Successor range.

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