Monday, 3 March 2014

Thracian Mercenaries

    Those are the somewhat recently released Warlord's Games 'Thracians with Romphaia' metal miniatures. I figured those would be quick to paint up but as usual it took longer than I anticipated. For the color scheme since they are professional mercenaries I went with the greys that they wore rather than the more individual tribal schemes. There are 4 individual sculpts, two with cloaks and two without, overall I really like those.

    I have also dug up a Relic miniatures metal I bought a long while ago, I knew it would make a great command figure and luckily it was a good fit scale wise too. The figure was made for Ancient Warfare Magazine based on an illustration by Johnny Schumate.

    And here they are all together. I have also got some Aventine Thracians and I am planning to get some Crusader Thracians too to get true variety in the two 16 men units I am planning to do.

 Thracian mercenaries 9/16 (D/S)


  1. Great stuff - Thracians are fun.

  2. Excellent work! And post! And blog!

  3. Very nicely painted. Well done. I will be following your blog for inspiration. =)

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  5. Absolutely brilliant work! Loved them!

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