Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Size comparisons for Ancients 28mm

 Here are a few comparison shots between Relic, Perry's, WargamesFactory, Warlord Games and  Immortal Miniatures. Some are slightly converted so read the descriptions please.

1. Relic Miniatures- Thracian
2. Perry's - Sudanese Tribesmen with ImmortalMin. hat (psiloi/peltast)
3. Wargames Factory - Hoplite
4. Wargames Factory -  Hoplite with WF Persian head (Takabara/Kardakes)
5. Wargames Factory - Persians
6. Warlord Games - Macedonian Phalangite
7. Immortal Miniatures/Warlord's - Hoplite
8. Warlord Games- Celtic Warrior with ImmortalMin. helmet (Galatian)
9. Warlord Games- Roman Imperial Legionary (scorpion crew)

Hopefully that gives you some ideas as to sizes. The bottom image shows Perry's Sudanese conversions to psiloi. The one above shows that if you want to have some sort of Parthian/ish opponents for Warlord's Imperial Romans... don't, look at the size difference!


  1. Nice comparison picture.
    I love the idea of those Sudanese as Psiloi.

    1. Thanks, I must admit that the idea for conversion was taken from another blogger ( I told him I am stealing the idea, got his blessing so I intend to do a proper post with those painted up and based and hit him back with the results.

      By the way I've seen your custom tribal army on Warlord's forums and it's a really great and refreshing project to follow.

  2. A tad late on commenting, but I just wanted to let you know I have nominated your blog on the Liebster Blog Award. Please follow the link, read the rules and spread the word if you wish!