Wednesday 17 April 2013

Hypaspists, Psiloi and Persians WIPs

  These are some of the figures I've been working on. They are working in progress because Psiloi and Hypaspists have no washes as of yet and all the models including Persians need to get some greenery on to their bases.

Victrix Mercenary Hoplites painted as Hypaspistoi

 These two are my colourscheme test. I am not too happy with the linthorax, rather than having the whole thing purple I might have a white linthorax with purple and yellow accents.
 Shields meant to show Alexander the Great in Persian headgear. This would mean it is a relatively late shield so could represent Alexander's army during his later years or that of Diadochi.

 Perry's Sudanese Tribesmen painted as Psiloi

These guys are standard, I've only added hats from ImmortalMiniatures/Warlord's Classical hoplites sprues. No washes on those yet so they look a bit plain.

Wargames Factory's Late Achaemenid Persians 

 This is the first try I tried to give infantry bowstrings and it turned out to be really easy- take broom bristle, dap both ends of the bow in some superglue and stick the bristle on. When dry clip of the excess bristle and paint over the dry superglue (it usually turns white so you will need to go over it).

Size comparison 

  A quick size comparison with Perry, Victrix, Wargames Factory, Victrix and Warlord Games phalangite. As you can see those ranges work very well together and you should be able to create a huge chunk of your Macedonian and Persian army with those.


  1. Excellent work on the Hypaspists, Psiloi and Persian archers!

  2. Really nice work all around, but those Persians are extra crisp.

  3. Fabulous!! A great work on these figures!