Sunday, 16 September 2012

Loot from the Eastern Front Game Show

   So below is the 'loot' I got from Norwich's Eastern Front Show. The Highlight is the Lord Of the Rings book which I got for a staggering price of £2. I got some WFactory WW2 Germans for my little brother, Hail Caesar starter set (~90 miniatures with the rulebook), some sand, Greek blisters,  Slingshot and Ancient Warfare Magazine issues as well as Society of Ancients membership (comes with handy 10% discount for a lot of wargaming companies, including Warlord Games) and last but not least some Foundry Macedonian Companions (12 for £25!).  

 Ancient Warfare Magazine is a historical magazine with a few wargaming adverts and 1-2 pages of miniatures review whereas slingshot is wargaming magazine with historical discussions. On the other hand Ancient Warfare Magazine has more illustrations and in general is of better quality (but more expensive!).

The starter set with full colour, hardcover rulebook
 and about 90 miniatures, all for £60.

And the 12 Foundry Companions below.

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