Monday, 27 June 2011

Zvezda's 1/72 Macedonian cavalry

This is a slightly smaller scale (1/72) with multiple plastic figures. As I am writing this rather late at night I will just pose pictures and talk about them later so here are some companions with Alexander (Tarantines, Getai and Thracians will follow in another post).

Immortal hoplites

So I bought two of those bad boys- a classical and a 'normal' set. It seems that the 'normal set' represents the earlier hoplites such as those of the Persian wars whereas the second is appropriate for Peloponesian wars.

First thoughts:

I was a fan of this time period for a long time but never went into miniwargaming figures and instead stayed with 40k. I found other minis sluggish and ugly but these are perfect as so customizable, a longer review will follow once I get both sets painted up!

First blog!

Hi, hello, elo!

This is a blog in which I will post anything I find intresting as well as my hobbies and such.

The sort of thing you can find here are historical figures, 40k figures, general history stuff etc. Note though that I am not a gamer, just a painter at this stage so these are just my painting, not gaming/army projects.

Until next time,

BBK Piotr Nowacki