Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Batch of Macedonian Phalangites done (ish)!

      Those are 12 (out of 40) Warlord Games phalangites I just painted up. I decided to base them on thin plastic Rendra bases while my Immortal Miniatures will be based on thicker bases so that their heights roughly match. Though there is sand on the bases I am still going to add some foliage/greenery at some point.

    First two pictures are the four deep rank I am going to have the unit in while the third picture shows the guys in the back ranks. In the last pictures you can see helmet variations. To make sure this is not an army of clones I put in some extra work there, particularly the last guy on the right where I tried to give him that laurel wreath made gold, not sure whether you can tell though!


Up next will be Sudanese Tribesmen (still in the mail, use as Thracians with some conversions) and Warlord's Celts (converted to Galatians) which I am going to pick up from Norwich's Eastern Front game show along with Hail Caesar rulebook this Sunday!

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  1. Fantastic detail on these pike, you've done a great job!