Thursday, 31 May 2012

First four Macedonian Phalangites

    I have made attempts at plastic phalanx before but I in the 1/72 scale with Zvezda's Macedonian Phalanx. However the sarissa was too flimsy and I was somewhat discouraged. Then I discovered these in 28mm scale and I knew I had to get some!

  There are only four poses but really to represent the phalanx it is more than enough. However I was disappointed that there was no pose where the sarissa can be positioned parallel to the ground (ei. what the first rank would do). These are slightly chunkier than the hoplites I have been doing so far but I think that I can swap heads from both sets easily enough.

  Each sprue allows four of these to be built so this is a test sprue run. There is a selection of 6 helmets on each and 6 sarissa poses (the two additional not shown have the Macedonians hold the sarissa by the buttspike). With 40 total that gives 10 sprues plus transfers. I went with white colour-scheme for the armour, yellow for pteruges detail and red for clothing. Though metal parts are gold I went with bronze (Chalkaspides-Bronze shields) (Citadel's Brazen Brass) to give them the standard rank-n-file look rather than make them look lite the elite phalanx (such as argyraspides which Warlord Games has a separate metal set for).

  I plan to use them in multiple armies, from Alexander to Pyrrhus to Diadochi up to Seleucids. Overall I am very happy with the detail and sculpt of these guys. Once I get all of my hoplites and these guys out of the way I can start getting some cavalry!

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